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In 1997, I am Dr. Jashim Chowdhury returned back home after completion of my MD from USA. While helping a friend in his rehabilitation centre in Dhaka I directly observed sufferings of addicted people and their family while in addiction treatment and I also observed the lack of trained professionals and methodological treatment while in treatment and as a whole in Bangladesh. To decrease these gaps and in the aim to deliver a standard information, treatment and services I decided to setup a hospital at Uttara in Dhaka. In this way LIGHTHOUSE born in 1999.

Again we started facing problems in getting trained professionals for addiction because psychiatrists, psychologists & clinical psychologists whoever employed face problems in managing these kind of patients because of lack of appropriate training & experience in addiction field. In the meantime I completed my MS degree in Addiction from Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London. We started our 2nd generation treatment & services since then. We started training for our own psychologists and started treatment & services which is followed internationally. After 15 years I can proudly declare LIGHTHOUSE is the only and empirically based exceptional treatment centre in the field of addiction in Bangladesh. Drug addiction is a chronic relapsing condition like many other psychiatric & medical illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, blood pressure, diabetes, asthma etc. Relapse is a part of this disorder. Bearing in mind people need treatment and they deserve quality treatment and right information as well. LIGHTHOUSE is one stop holistic,multidisciplinary and unique treatment centre for these services and in need of the people.

Dr. Jashim Chowdhury